Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Threat or Menace?

If you follow my other blog on a regular basis, you might have noticed that I tend to make a lot of references, directly or indirectly, to comic books. With pronounced WOO-BIN, my intentions were to adhere to a clearly defined focus -- regional matters, provincial observations, and, of course, my occasionally impenetrable Boston accent -- instead of the stream of consciousness meanderings that characterize Armagideon Time.

Comics, an easy fallback topic and frequent crutch, were not to be featured here unless they were specifically germane to the subject at hand...such as fulfilling a request by one Michael Sterling of Ventura County, California. "Mikester" asked to hear my dulcet tones applied to the opening captions of 1990's Spider-Man #1, the Todd McFarlane production that proved that being a fan-favorite artist is no substitution for actual writing skills.

Comics fans being comics fans, however, the comic sold a shitload of copies and played no small part in instigating the "hot" artist-driven boom (and catastrophic bust) cycle of the 1990s comics market. "ADVANTAGEOUS," indeed.

So here you go, my dramatic recitation of Todd McFarlane's unforgettable contribution to literature....


...and if my slapdash effort fails to sate your appetite, here's a Kevin Church remix that oozes with the kind of ambiance that you just don't get with a Karaoke Revolution pack-in USB headset and a freeware audio editing program.

Advantageous Remix!

Kevin also put his unparalled talents to use in whipping up this rave-tastic repurposing of my inaugural audio sample.

Gee Scarlett (Remix)

I couldn't ask for better internet friends.

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